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All-around thrill vibe

Something extra sweet.The season is better than ever, I especially enjoy popular strains.”thank you”

Best seeds for guaranteed buds

Stay with the oldies like NL. Always popular as well as potent

Do si dos

Shipped to Oz no worries
Can't wait for the end result.

Mystery bag

Three in and three up
Thank you.

Star dawg

Look good not popped up because it's illegal in England 😁🙄 but thay look good

Great item

Terrific result at a great price

AK-47 Auto
Happy Happy Happy

Can't wait to taste this strain

Happy Grower

Super psyched to grow this


Can't wait to grow this strain

Happy Grower

Can't wait to get these started

Pure excellence!

Lee Hayes, a very good businessman, is the leader in providing excellent hemp sends to all his valued customers. There is no other company I would rather purchase from than the bees seeds!!!


Beautiful plants💜👍😎👌


Order was very prompt and all beans did well so far. Good Job Lee.

Good customer service.....Will buy again....

Great Company

Reliable and prompt service and customer

Awesome products prompt delivery

Great Genetics of a top strain. We're delivered to me here in Australia when others couldn't and promptly thank you very much for that I appreciate it heaps

Great looking package!

I can't talk for what grew sorry but they arrived timely and packaged great. They look nice and viable and definitely different strains. The look and size of them vary alot. Cheers

Good Company

Arrived promptly, good packaging

I’m hoping both orders turn up this week

Wonderful strain to grow

This strain is easy to grow has a powerful punch definitely will always have this in my garden

Great Company

Reliable and fast

Super Skunk
Ana Gonzalez Morales
Súper skunk

Amazing shop. Thank you so much, will buy again definitely 🙂

Mystery seeds

Great value for really great seeds

Awesome products prompt delivery

Great strain and Great Genetics. Bee's Seeds we able to deliver to me here in Australia when others couldn't and promptly with a tonne of freebies awesome thank you.

Wedding cake feminised
Tavares Jackson

Haven’t planted them yet but every good packaging