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Wedding Cake Auto
Danny Frazer

Good customer service.....Will buy again....

Great Company

Reliable and prompt service and customer

Awesome products prompt delivery

Great Genetics of a top strain. We're delivered to me here in Australia when others couldn't and promptly thank you very much for that I appreciate it heaps

Great looking package!

I can't talk for what grew sorry but they arrived timely and packaged great. They look nice and viable and definitely different strains. The look and size of them vary alot. Cheers

Good Company

Arrived promptly, good packaging

Wonderful strain to grow

This strain is easy to grow has a powerful punch definitely will always have this in my garden

Great Company

Reliable and fast

Super Skunk
Ana Gonzalez Morales
Súper skunk

Amazing shop. Thank you so much, will buy again definitely 🙂

Mystery seeds

Great value for really great seeds

Jason Maxton
Awesome products prompt delivery

Great strain and Great Genetics. Bee's Seeds we able to deliver to me here in Australia when others couldn't and promptly with a tonne of freebies awesome thank you.

Wedding cake feminised
Tavares Jackson

Haven’t planted them yet but every good packaging

Girls Scout Cookies
Jason Maxton
Awesome products prompt delivery

Just received my order to Australia from bees seeds when no one else could they came through with the best genetics and strains. To top it off a tonne of freebies awesome. I am very greatfull thank you very much for that I appreciate it heaps. P.s you now have another loyal customer.

Do si dos

Great packaging.
Great results.

Super Skunk Auto
Allen Overholt

Great people. Very timely and exact. Thanks Lee.

Sticky Fingers
Tavares Jackson

Haven’t started yet but the packing is good

Russian Snow Seeds
Kevin Drigpaul

Russian Snow Feminised Seeds

Mystery Seeds

I’m sure the seeds are all great, I was kinda hoping there would be something inside saying what we got. However we are going to give them a try! We ordered a Bruce Banner seed and it did not grow at all. Wasted the money on that.

Big Bud Auto
Michael Slack
Great seeds

Only started 2 of the 5 I ordered and both germinated and growing great

Girl-Scout Cookies Auto
William Lawrence
Good shite mates!

The post was a bit slow but I finally got my order. Haven't grown gs cookie autos yet!

Mystery bag

Havnt germinated any yet but I did germinate a white widow 24hr soak then moist paper towel in ziplock bag 3 days later she had a tail on her an inch long, my jaw nearly hit the ground

Good to go

Always good product good people that do business with

Great people to do business with

This strain is supposed to be one of the best varieties of cannabis for chronic pain going to be an interesting adventure growing this strain

White Widow feminised
Shannon Alfieri
Feminised white widow

Awesome company to deal with, they will not hesitate to answer any questions. I will be making more purchases in the near future thank you Lee

Orange Sherbet Auto
Michael Slack

A favorite of the wife's and mine. Great taste, easy grow, great buzz

Girls Scout Cookies
the bees knees

i've bought several strains from the bees seeds and the genetics are great, the blue dream is showing some huge colas and the growth is rapid. Dealing with Lee is a hassle free process and he seems like a good bloke. The prices are terrific compared to other seed companies and the delivery time is very fast too. As for the gsc well they are only babies at the moment but i have no doubt they will grow up to be some amazing medicine!!!!